Terms and Conditions

RESiDANCE Studios| Terms and Conditions| Dance Classes in Durham

Code Of Conduct

Students are expected to conduct themselves in a disciplined manner whilst attending classes and be respectful to both teachers and fellow students at all times. This will ensure the safety and well being of everyone. Any behaviour found not to be acceptable will be dealt with immediately.  Students and parents must respect any decision made by the teacher.    ​​

Parents/guardians are asked to stay out of the room once the class has started as your presence will only distract the children. Parents/ Family will be invited to attend a designated ‘Open Classes’ throughout the year to see the children and their progress.​​

Mobile phones must be turned off or switched to silent if brought in to class.​​

Parents/ participants should be aware that due to the nature of dance it is necessary for the teacher to use physical contact when training dancers.​​

The school is not responsible for any lost or damaged personal items. Please do not bring any valuables to class.

Participants/Parents/Guardians are asked to notify RESiDANCE Studios of any medical information on registration before joining class (forms can be found here or requested here), and to update these records when necessary. By attending class it  understood that the attendee/parents/guardians accept that there can be a risk of injury during a dance lesson as there is with any kind of sport or physical activity, and therefore release RESiDANCE Studios and it’s teaching staff from any liability.

RESiDANCE Studios reserves the right to amend or alter these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

Child Drop off / Collection

Children should arrive at least 10 minutes prior to class start time.
Where possible, parents must remain on the premises whilst classes are in session.

A waiting room, with complimentary refreshments are available.  Please make the teacher aware if you are not able to be on the property during class.
A sign in/out sheet will be provided each session.
Please ensure this is signed by an adult.

If children are permitted to arrive and leave without an adult, the permission form must be signed and returned before the start of term. Click here to download the form.


Before joining RESiDANCE Studios you must fill out the appropriate forms. Click here to download the forms, print them at home and bring them with you to your first class. Alternatively please contact RESiDANCE Studios here to arrange your first session and the forms can be provided for you (please arrive 5 miutes earlier to fill them out).

Privacy Policy

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RESiDANCE Studios| Terms and Conditions| Dance Classes in Durham

RESiDANCE Studios| Terms and Conditions| Dance Classes in Durham

RESiDANCE Studios| Terms and Conditions| Dance Classes in Durham