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Sadly due to the COVID-19 outbreak, our regular classes have had to be postponed.

This is incredibly disappointing and concerning for not just myself but for everyone that looks forward to class every week. 

I have spent the last week working through every idea and option I can think of, to try and find the most suitable way to be able to provide you with some form of weekly class should this situation occur, and I have the following plan in place:

 I am going to be providing classes online (via Skype) – this will enable you to continue with your weekly class routine. I plan to provide a 40 minute session each week. 

To start with I will be running my RESiDANCE Studios classes for my regular adults at the usual start times and same dance styles on Monday evenings,  and in addition I will be adding a class on Thursdays evenings 6:00-6:40pm for anyone who would like to join. 

Depending on interest I can add more classes to the timetable, either during the day, later in the evening or even weekends.

There will have to be some adjustments to the content of the lesson in order to accommodate the class safely within your own homes – so we would mainly focus on simple technical barre work , but I will try my best to keep it as similar as possible to what we would do in the studio.

You will just need a small, clear space in your home (and a chair or table top – something stable to use as a barre if you are participating in the ballet classes) where you can have access to internet, and a web camera if you don’t have one built in to your device Skype can be downloaded for free on to a PC or Mac device. If you don’t have this already, and you would like some help setting it up, I have a guide page here, but you can also contact me if you have any issues with this. You will have the option to turn your camera off during the lesson so no-one can see you but you can still see me if you would rather, or you can choose to keep your camera active – I will be able to see you and how you are getting on with the exercises / steps , and the other members of the class will also be able to see you. I will ask everyone to turn off their microphone though unless you would like to ask a question in which case you can turn it on for that.

What is crucial is that as you participate you remember to keep yourself safe, you work as you would in class, sensibly and within your own limit, and do not take any unnecessary risk. RESiDANCE Studios can not be held responsible for any injuries incurred.

Participation in the online sessions will be charged at £4 per person per 40 minute session – this will be payable in advance of the session starting, by bank transfer – once you have confirmed your participation via the sign up page and the fee has been received I will send instructions in order to join the class.

I hope this will bring a little bit of normality and happiness to you in what will be a difficult and uncertain time! 

If you would like to participate, please follow this link here to sign up to the online classes.

As this is a new situation for myself too, I am doing everything I can to ensure the best set up for the online classes, but please do bare with me if there are any technical issues during the first few classes – I will do everything possible to make sure they are as reliable and smooth running as possible for you! Thank you!

Stay safe everyone! 


RESiDANCE Studios 


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